Σούνιο Ξάνθης
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Traditional pasta with philoShophie and taste…

At the foot of the Rodopi mountain range and northwest of Lake Vistonida, in Sounio of Xanthi, we created a small family business, the traditional pasta-making workshop called «SOFIA’S GEUSEIS».

Products that are made exclusively with pure ingredients, without preservatives and colorants, which are a healthy diet for all ages.

With the ambition to revive the Thracian gastronomy we produce pasta such as noodles, frumenties, couscous, vegetable noodles, etc., as they were made with old local recipes and ingredients, satisfying even the most demanding tastes.


Our workshop is based on strict hygiene and food safety rules, according to the certification body’s instructions. It is a modern workshop, where we use the technology for the production of traditional pasta, with machines certified according to EU directives, in which we produce:

  • Noodles
  • Frumenties
  • Various other pasta